August 15, 2010

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Avatar – 3 Act Narrative

February 26, 2010

The setup begins with Jake Sully, a paraplegic former marine who is asked to fill in for his dead brother as an avatar. For Jake, the Avatar program presents an opportunity to get the use of his legs back and so he eagerly joins. On Jakes fist expedition into the wild of Pandora he unintentionally meets Neytiri and is later taught the ways of the Navi – the setup is now established.

Jake originally sets out to simply do his duties without concern for the natives but after falling in love with one, he is forced to take on new responsibilities where he must prevent the Tree of Souls the Navi cherish so much from being crushed, even if it means disobeying orders. The inciting incident occurs when Jake falls in love with Neytiri and stops a demolisher from destroying the sacred land.

Act 1 – When Quaritch informs Jake he’ll be leaving Pandora the next day thanks to his inside information leading to a plan to smoke out the Navi, Jake asks for one more chance to convince the Navi to abandon their home. As soon as Jake tries to convince Neytiri and the rest of the Navi that they must leave because he’s people are going to destroy it, he unintentionally reveals that he knew all along his people were going to destroy their home from the start. The first turning point is reached when Jake pleads to Quaritch for one more chance to try and negotiate the Navi out of there home but is unable to when Neytiri finds out he has been hiding the truth.

Now that Jake has disobeyed orders and betrayed the Colonel, the mid points is now achieved when the giant tree is destroyed and the Navi overwhelmed, must now retreat to a new location. Jake deals with this by attempting to save the Navi and most importantly Neytiri while the Tree is under siege.

Act 2 – The second turning point is now underway after the Navi’s home is destroyed. Jake uses the myths of the Navi legends to reclaim his trust with the Navi people by capturing a Toruk – this encourages the Navi to follow him and in-list the help of other clans for a rebellion.

Act 3 – In the third turning point Jake leads the Navi into a retaliation against the humans. Hoping to get a better outcome for the battle ahead, Jake prays at the Tree of Souls to reach the god Eywa in an effort to help with the retaliation. Later, while being beaten by the military forces in battle the creatures of Pandora arrive as reinforcements and as one driving force they defeat the humans.

In the resolution the company is defeated and forced by the Navi to leave Pandora. Only the scientists are allowed to stay as well as Jake, who is transferred into his Navi body by the interconnection system known as Eywa.

The Hidden Fortress Treatment

February 23, 2010

As Matashichi and Tahei argue a rebel soldier is killed by a group of soldiers on horseback, they then argue over whether they should rob the dead soldier, resulting in a breakup between them. After discovering the road has been blocked by postal guards, Tahei plans to evade capture during a fog, while Matashichi seeks interest in a village and learns of a reward for a princess. Soon after learning of the reward he and Tahei are both mistaken as enemy rebels and are forcibly taken by soldiers. The two of them as well as hundreds more are taken to the undergrounds of a castle and forced to dig for 200 pieces of hidden gold. While the captives rest from their digging, a few soldiers come to check on them and find themselves in a trap where the rested captives are now revolting and begin fighting for their freedom. Amongst the rebellious chaos Matashichi and Tahei meet, unable to fully be with each other they are pushed back and forth increasingly separated amongst the horde of prisoners rebelling.

They find themselves together after breaking free and being alone they set off. Hungry and tired, they desperately steal rice, running from the alerted rice owners. While sitting at a camp fire they discuss what they should do and plan to find the princess. Matashichi checks to see how the rice is cooking and throws a piece of wood away in disgust of how it doesn’t burn well enough. As the sound of the stick lands, the sound of a metal coin is also heard and so they investigate. Tahei finds a piece of gold inside the wood and so they begin searching for more wood that might contain gold. Soon they find another piece of gold but begin fighting over it until they notice a man watching them. Slowly they attempt to lose the man but he keeps following them. They keep trying to lose him until eventually the man stops following them and they plan to come back the next day.

During the night they decide to evenly split the gold they found, overwhelmed by their luck they celebrate until they’re interrupted by the same man following them as before. Confused by his appearance they awkwardly introduce themselves and explain what they’re up too. After finding out the man also has a piece of gold they decide to join him to cross into Akizuki. The next day they discover the man to be a famous samurai by the name of Rokurota Makabe, he reveals to them a hidden fortress tucked away in the hills and lets them stay with him while they look for more gold. While Matashichi and Tahei dig for the gold they realise they’ve been played for fools and race for the gold they knew Makabe had kept secret. Just as they arrive at the pond containing the stashed gold, they encounter a mysterious women. Intrigued they follow her but to their dismay she becomes too troublesome to peruse. Repeatedly they trip and fall as they chase her when they find a valuable hair comb. Unknowingly to them, Makabe is close by and demands the comb but it takes more then words to convince them and so Makabe shows them golden plates as proof the women isn’t the princess.

Still distrusting Makabe, Matashichi goes to report the women as the suspected princess but learns the princess had been beheaded days prior and so Matashichi and Tahei apologise.  Now  entrusted with Matashichi and Tahei’s loyalty, Makabe seeks the nobles guidance for his sisters sacrifice and finds the princess to be outraged and upset by his actions. As Makabe speaks alone with the noble elders, he formulates a plan to cross into Akizuki using the peasants as transport for the gold as well having the princess act as a mute. Matashichi and Tahei begin travelling together carrying the gold with Makabe and the princess as they make their way to Akizuki. While on their way Matashichi and Tahei try to escape with the gold but are foiled by postal guards as they attempt to cross the border and so must remain with Makabe and the princess.

As the four of them reach a blockade to a village, Makabe shows a guard a piece of gold for a reward but is instead refused by a general and so enters the village with only the gold. Just as they  leave a soldier on horseback informs the general of the nobles. During the night the princess wanders about the village and is mistaken as a prostitute. Later she sees a women being mistreated as she was and pleads with Makabe to buy her. A soldier insists on buying a horse from Makabe, and so he must figure out another way of transporting the gold and so uses a cart instead. The next day while leaving the village they are stopped by soldiers on horseback and are suspected as being the nobles. Fearful of being caught Matashichi and Tahei try to flee but Makabe insures they’ll be ok as long as they act casual but it is not enough, makabe must now chase after the soldiers that are now alerted of their presence. As Makabe chases the soldiers he finds himself in a trap and must now partake in a dual to death with a general. Eventually Makabe wins and is expected to kill the general with honour but refuses claiming they’ll meet again.

Makabe returns to the others and together they hide in the woods waiting for a chance to escape from the soldiers who are slowly closing in on their location. While trying to figure a way to escape they hear the cries of people carrying bundles of wood to the fire festival and plan to hide the gold within the masses. During the festival they regrettably relinquish the cart and watch as the gold melts, trying to avoid suspicion they join in with the crowd dancing and singing. In the morning when the area is clear they begin digging up the melted gold from the bonfire ashes. While digging they hear the cries of the soldiers closing in on their position and so leave the rest of the gold, but Matashichi and Tahei want to stay and dig for more gold but as the cries become louder they knowingly must leave. As they all hide in the woods Matashichi and Tahei are still anxious about the gold and rush back to the pit. Unaware, two soldiers come by and inspect what they are up to and so Matashichi and Tahei leave slowly not trying to arise suspicion.

Hesitant, Matashichi and Tahei make a dash back to the hideout and are followed by the two soldiers. As Matashichi and Tahei arrive back at the hideout Makabe takes the two soldiers weapons and forces them to tag along with him, carrying bags of gold as they follow.  As the group keep running they are eventually surrounded and so the two captive soldiers run back to the soldiers surrounding them but are shot down as possible enemies.  Matashichi and Tahei take this opportunity to flee, they then plan to report Makabe and the princess to the authorities while Makabe and the princess themselves are apprehended by the soldiers. When Matashichi and Tahei report to the authorities they are told they are too late as Makabe and the princess have already been captured and so, disappointed they leave with nothing. Makabe and the princess are still held captive as prisoners and are seen by the general that lost to Makabe in the duel. As the princess is taken to her execution on horseback the general lets Makabe and the princess free and follows them back to their castle.

While Matashichi and Tahei are wandering around disappointed, they come across the horses with the gold and celebrate their new found wealth, but not for too long as soldiers on horseback soon arrive and arrest them for possessing the gold. While in jail they are summoned and fined Makabe, Princess Yuki and the general are there to greet them. They find the mute women was the princess the whole time and are given a piece of gold in return for the help during the time they spent together.

Avatar Movie Review

February 23, 2010

As an explosively imaginative visual effects masterpiece, James Cameron’s Avatar sells audiences a story that falls short of inspiring. As groundbreaking as the visual effects were, the story lacked originality – almost like a sci-fi Pocahontas. I loved the Navi and I loved the creatures James Cameron brought into the world of Pandora but considering a 300 million dollar film, i expected more in the story line. Although looking back at previous James Cameron works it is obviously not the in-depth story that James Cameron sets out for but rather the sophistication of the cinematic experience that is achieved instead.

What i found lacking in plot was made up for in the relationship between Neytiri (Zoe Saldana) and Jake Sully (Sam Worthington), producing fantastic emotional chemistry. From Neytiri teaching Jack the way of the Navi to her anguish and betrayal when she finds out the truth about what jack was really sent to do. The lessons the movie tries to convey such as energy demands were quite strong and in my opinion demonstrated a realistic contrast to the war in Iraq. James Cameron’s use of new technology is fully recognised through the wondrous lush and tropical world that is Pandora. The hyper-realism of the Navi, the creatures and glowing plants all demonstrate a level of technology going into this movie that has never been achieved before.

The 3D experience personally seemed less impressive then the 2D. Even though it’s claimed to be made mainly for 3D, it seemed more entertaining and realistic in 2D. This may be because of the absence of things jumping out at you that you might expect in a 3D movie. All in all i’ll give this movie a 8/10. It surpasses areas of film as an epic in cinematography but really unsatisfying in terms of plot.  Looking forward to the sequel.